Empowering Local Stores To Compete With E Commerce


Local Store
Online Store

Express Delivery

Local stores can deliver a product to a customers home in 2 hours

Days for Delivery,

Online shopping takes many days to deliver a product at home

No Environment Impacts

Buying at store has no hazardous impact on environment

Hazardous Env Impacts

We run after E commerce for offers & deals but it create lots of carbon footprint in the process of packaging /pick up /delivering return and exchange which ultimately affects the customer in the long run

Social Buying

Buying at physical store reduces our stress and gives us instant happiness to the buyer’s friend & family accompanied with him

No Social Buying

A customer when buys online never has a human interaction thus reducing the emotional attachment of shopping. E commerce reduces the happiness & pleasure of buying with friend and family

No Fake & Fraud

Where as local stores always have genuine products & provides reliable services

Fake & Fraud

While buying high value products like Mobiles / Watches/ Laptops/ Camera etc. through online people complain of receiving fake & faulty goods

Physical Experience

Buying at store has the advantage of physically experiencing the products

No Physical Experience

Online buying can never provide touch & feel experience

To Enroll With Us


We want to help our local store friends so that customers will buy from them not from online store.



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